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In 1926 a nameless vagrant arrives in Port Glasgow and guided by a mysterious force wanders with madness through Port Glasgow, Erskine, Glasgow, and other areas of Scotland while a shadowy section of the British Government hunts down a deadly rogue Engineer!


Flight of The Rocket is presented chapter-by-chapter and released out of order through different media to include written stories, audio plays, and visual effects examples.


Flight of The Rocket is the middle story between the Before Flight stories and The Rocket Pilot's adventures. The characters from different titles “merge” for the first time in Flight of The Rocket and the legacy of “The Cowboy” continues with his daughter “The Operative” hunting down the enemies of her Government's “Special Procurement Program”. The character of The Rocket Pilot, Mr. Charles, Lord Winter, Bob, Major Smith, Dr. Kline, and the ever mysterious Dr. Schigel are all featured in Flight of The Rocket.


Chapter 5: Mr. Charles Interviews A. A. Smeets

Chapter 6: Mrs. Wendy Watts Meets a Man on a Bridge

Chapter 8: A call to the fuel yard

Chapter 9: the Operative and Mr. Charles

Chapter 10: The Second Test of a Deadly Mechanical Marvel

Chapter 11: Dr. Schigel Visits a former American Sergeant

Chapter 12: Defending the Rubble and the Sentinels of secrecy

Chapter 13: A Voice on the Radio

Chapter 14: Ajani and her Flight of Mercenaries

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