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Flight of The Rocket updates

Hello everybody!

Thank you for reading the Flight of The Rocket updates! Since starting Flight of The Rocket early last February the cast and crew from the United States and United Kingdom have been working very hard at creating a number of stories that are going to be presented to audiences soon starting with the 'Before Flight' visual minisode featuring Flight of The Rocket characters Mr. Charles and the Driver!

Flight of The Rocket is a full cast audio drama and presents a number of characters within the story whose own stories are being told in audio and visual format for the project 'Before Flight'. The Operative, Mr. Charles, the Driver, Ajani Gail, the freighter Captain, Major Smith, The Rocket pilot, Dr. Schigel, and other characters will be featured in their own stories for 'Before Flight'.

Flight of The Rocket and Before Flight is a creative collaboration between actors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada who have come together to tell the stories of their characters in a adventurous science fiction setting of the 1920s. The first visual Before Flight minisode has already been filmed and edited in Cheshire and has been sent to Olympia, WA for post production visual effects. The minisode, probably to be released in late April, will be approved by the cast and crew prior after post production to ensure it is something that they enjoy before releasing the minisode to audiences.

The title of the first 'Before Flight' visual minisode is TBD. The visual short set in 1925 stars Richard Oliver as 'Mr. Charles' and Simon Bugg as 'the Driver'.

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