The Rocket: BULLDOG Sunrise (prologue) is back in post production (2019)

Oympia, WA – The Rocket: BULLDOG Sunrise (prologue) is back in post production


The short visual prologue for The Rocket: BULLDOG Sunrise is back in post production after filming began in 2015. The production lead to a expansion of the projects and acts as a sequel to 'Flight of The Rocket' while taking place before the visual episode 'The Rocket vs.The Agency of Assassination'.

After filming was completed in Tumwater and Olympia, WA with location shooting occurring at the Olympic Flight Museum and Pioneer Park, post production was put on hold after writer/director/actor/editor/visual effects artist Joshua S. Johnson consulted lead actor Sophie Aldred, friend Eric Trautmann, and actor Richard Oliver which lead to the creation of the visual minisode 'Before Flight: The Timely Demise of Mr. Herman Pelwick' as well as the expansion of a early draft of the visual 'Flight of The Rocket' into a feature length audio drama.

With the 'Before Flight' and 'Flight of The Rocket' audio series having reached specific benchmarks as well as the current re-filming of the 2010 visual episode 'The Rocket vs. The Agency of Assassination', Joshua S. Johnson decided it was time to complete the short visual prologue for 'The Rocket: BULLDOG Sunrise' to include with the current production.

The post-production completion for the short visual is TBD and 'The Rocket: BULLDOG Sunrise (prologue)' features actors Joshua S. Johnson, Abie Ekenezar, and Sophie Aldred as 'The Operative'!

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