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The Rocket and the Island of Zombies Comic Book (2019)

Olympia, WA/Cuba – The Rocket and the Island of Zombies Comic Book


Artist Hugo Abeis Ruiz Toranzo (Hugo A.R.T.) has teamed up with writer/creator Joshua S. Johnson to produce a comic book based off of the 2010 script and live action/animation 'The Rocket and the Island of Zombies'! The story focuses on the character of 'The Rocket pilot' as he explores a remote Atlantic island and discovers it's terrible secret: the inhabitants are dead but still very deadly!

The first comic book adventure of 'The Rocket pilot' and the telling of one of the Sci-Fi pulp adventure stories in a new medium is a international collaboration taking place in the United States and Cuba and a extraordinary example of how creative arts activities can connect people from around the world!

For updates about the upcoming comic book 'The Rocket and the Island of Zombies' follow the official Instragram page @flightoftherocket, Hugo A.R.T.'s Instagram page @hugo_abeis, or the project news section of the Flight of The Rocket website.

(The Rocket pilot by Hugo A.R.T.)

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