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Before Flight: A Job Interview update (2018)

Olympia, WA/Winsford, UK- Before Flight: A Job Interview update


The script for the stand alone audio episode 'Before Flight: A Job Interview' has been completed by Joshua S. Johnson and currently being edited by actor Ken McConnell to refine the characterizations and dialogue to match the regional portrayal of the city of Liverpool in a character origin story which takes place in the year 1920.

Before Flight: A Job Interview is a audio adventure in three acts which focuses on the character of Bob who appeared in the visual live action/animated short 'Before Flight: The Timely Demise of Mr. Herman Pelwick' before his adventures with Mr. Charles in 'Flight of The Rocket' and other Before Flight stories.

While pre-production is taking place at locations in Olympia, WA and Winsford, UK the production is based on a story by Joshua S. Johnson and is being recorded entirely in the United Kingdom under the guidance of Richard Oliver, Simon Bugg, and Ken McConnell. The first act is ready for production with recording dates TBD!

Post production for Before Flight: The Job Interview will be conducted by Joshua S. Johnson in Olympia, WA.

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