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Flight of The Rocket is in production!

Starting on October 31st, a cast from four countries began to record for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy series Flight of The Rocket! Covering the first 108-111 pages of the script, the introduction to the 1926 pulp universe brought together actors from England, Scotland, Canada, and the United States to collaborate with each other for scenes recorded thousands of miles apart and mixed into a soundscape that brings them to the same stage for the audience.

The audio series is being released by chapter starting in late December and features the voices of Sophie Aldred, Richard Oliver, Yee Jee Tso, Abie Ekenezar, Simon Bugg, Tim Hoban, Ken McConnell, Philip Lightfoot, Amelia Sefton, Angela Byron, Johnathan Franklin, Abigail Hutsell, Sydney Fox, Justin Tulloss, Susan Mackenzie, Joshua Johnson, and others who have recently joined the cast!

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