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Production delay on the audio series 'Flight of The Rocket' (2018 update)

Olympia, WA – Production delay on the audio series 'Flight of The Rocket'.


Due to a personal matter in 2018 Joshua S. Johnson had to delay production of 'Flight of The Rocket' for the year. Production of the feature length audio series will continue again in either 2020 or 2021. The stories 'Before Flight: A Job Interview', 'Before Flight: Summertime', 'Before Flight: Tucker and Gail, LTD.', 'The Rocket vs. The Agency of Assassination', and others were brought forward on the production schedule to maintain production momentum during the delay of the 'Flight of the Rocket' audio series.

The cast of Flight of The Rocket has been active in other productions as well as assisting in the production of other 'Before Flight' stories throughout 2018.

The production wishes to thank those who are reading for their patience and would like to recommend our primary social media page on Instagram @FlightofTheRocket which will feature production news and updates as they become available. Due to the delay in social media and website updates throughout 2018, a release of news from the delay will be posted soon with regular online updates continuing afterward.

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